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Download Bingo

From this page you can download Bingo and its EXE compiler for your Windows, Mac or Linux computer. You may also download themes to change the look of your installation.

Bingo for Windows

Bingo 2.0 Full (13 MB) : Core + Help + Compiler

Or choose from our other downloads...

Mac / Linux downloads

Bingo 2.0 for Mac OS X

You can download 2.0 here for Mac. To run, extract the zip file and drag Bingo.image onto

Bingo 2.0 for Linux

To run Bingo on a version of Linux, download the Squeak VM from this site and run the Bingo 2.0 image file on the VM.

Previous versions


Mac / Linux

To run Bingo on a Mac, download the Squeak VM
OSX 9.3 and above
OSX 7.5.5 to 9.2
Then download the Bingo image file and run it on the VM.

Note that no Linux support is given for any version of Bingo.

Download Themes

Want to change the look of your copy of Bingo? Choose from one of the themes below and follow the instructions to customise the look of your Bingo 2.0!

Want to submit your own theme?
Contact us and share your creation, which we will upload to this page!

Available Themes

How to install a theme

Bingo 2.0 makes it easy and safe to install a theme. To install a downloaded theme, you must first extract the zip file into a normal folder. Then, simply open Bingo and click on the Set menu in the top bar. You'll find a link to the Theme Manager. From there, you can click Choose Theme to navigate to the root folder of the downloaded theme (which you extracted earlier) and click OK. Bingo will do the rest for you.

If you ever encounter problems with your theme, don't panic! Go back to the Theme Manager, choose the "More" option and click "Switch back to default" to go back to the original blue Bingo 2.0 skin.