Bingo - by FutureSight

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Below are the features added to Bingo throughout its version history.

New Features in 2.0

>> New visual themes manager
>> Integrated Mod Share Browser
>> Skin Revamp
>> Two new categories and concepts: data types and objects
>> Streamlined uploading to Mod Share 4
>> Improved visual features (reporters, scrolling, watchers)
>> Compiler to turn projects into standalone EXE applications for sharing

New Features in 1.3.0

Bingo 1.3.0's changes are focused mostly around the awesome ability to upload directly to Mod Share through the program itself. In addition to that, Bingo 1.3 has:
>> a block graphics overhaul
>> open source
>> image support

New Features in 1.2.0
(significant changes in bold)

I worked hard on 1.2 to provide an easy-to-use, good-looking interface. Changes include the following:
>> 'Themes' to change the interface style
>> Removal of most glitches including the nil script image saving glitch
>> added useful functions
>> A primitive built-in uploading facility
>> lots of new blocks (about 15 added since 1.1.0)
>> colour support (updated variables and new special blocks)
>> Help screens for most blocks (even new ones)
>> Developer's menu enabled, but password-protected
>> Takes up less size than 1.0 and 1.1
>> A complete detailed manual accessible through the help menu
>> Improved compatibility function and obsolete blocks
>>Lots more!

New Features in 1.1.0

I have added one new block in More, and also the following:

>> Added blocks that i deleted from Scratch 1.4 to obsolete so they work
>> Added a compatibility function where Bingo becomes exactly like Scratch
>> Added an 'Open' button in the quick shortcut panel
>> Added a 'last opened project' in the file menu
>> Fixed a glitch in the operators menu
>> Polished the skin a bit

New Features in 1.0.0

This is the first release of Bingo. Many blocks were added as shown below, but here are the other updates:

>> Undelete stays on clipboard
>> Minor Skin Changes
>> Two new categories